New Feature: CCS Programmer Control Software

Wednesday 02 July, 2008

Today marks the launch of the newest CCS in-circuit programming device--the LOAD-n-GO and the updated user interface software - CCS Programmer Control Software. This software integrates MachX software for use with LOAD-n-GO, ICD-U40, as well as the other device programmers that will be released by the end of Quarter 3, 2008. Look for the new name and icon, but same reliability.

Additional features have been added to accommodate the new LOAD-n-GO product, such as multiple memory banks for up to four unique programs, memory bank clearing, and transfer options. Standard features from the MachX software remain: automatic serial numbering, program verification and target detection. The software and drivers are compatible for both Windows and Linux.

The CCS Programmer Control Software can be combined with the Real-Time Advanced Debugger from the CCS IDE compilers to use any of the device programmers as an in-circuit debugger on Flash supported devices.

Note to current MachX Software users: The first time the CCS Programmer Control Software is downloaded, the set-up with automatically replace all files.

CCS Programmer Control Software is offered as a standard release for all CCS device programmers/debuggers. To download the latest version, please visit the following webpage:

CCS at the 12th Annual Worldwide Microchip MASTERs Conference!

Friday 27 June, 2008

CCS is proud to continue efforts to educate MASTERs conference attendees about the performance benefits of the CCS C Compiler and all inclusive development tools. The updated course, "Using the CCS C Compiler for Rapid Development of Microcontroller Applications", is an ideal course for the new or experienced CCS C Compiler user to become better acquainted with fundamental compiler methods. Attendees learn specific techniques for 8-bit to 16-bit PIC® MCU migration, as well as CCS API for controlling the PIC® MCU peripherals. The hands-on portion of the class utilizes the CCS PIC16F887 prototyping board for further exploration of IDE applications and advanced debugging techniques. For more detailed class descriptions and scheduled start and end times, please check the Microchip MASTERs 2008 website at for CCS class number 1222.

Compilers will be sold on-site at the Microchip Store and CCS representatives will be available for further discussion at the Third Party Tool Bazaar. Do not miss the chance to check out NEW CCS products on display at MASTERs 2008.

MASTERs is a highly technical conference hosted by Microchip in an effort to advance the knowledge of Microchip developers. The year, MASTERs will be held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference runs July 23 - 26, 2008. Register today, and be sure to sign up for the CCS class!

Anniversary Edition Clear Case ICD-U40 Offer Extended

Friday 23 May, 2008

Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the ICD-U40 with CCS!

Due to popular demand, CCS is extending the Anniversary Edition CLEAR ICD-U40 limited-time offer until June 30, 2008. Don't miss out on your chance to get this one-of-a-kind clear case USB in-circuit programmer/debugger, with all the capabilities of the standard ICD-U40 unit, including: Providing detailed debugging information at the C level and stand-alone control software that will allow you to quickly program target chips through ICSP. The choice is clear, there is only one ICD solution for all your PIC® MCU Flash, PIC24 and dsPIC® support, the clear ICD-U40.

OFFER: Customers that upgrade to an IDE compiler or purchase IDE maintenance before your download rights expire can receive an Anniversary Edition Clear ICD-U40 for only $50.00 (reg. $75.00). When ordering enter discount code: ICDCLEARNEWS2

Need more information?
Visit or call (262) 522-6500 ext. 35

Spotlight: New Interactive Webpage for Education on

Friday 23 May, 2008

Have you heard about the new, low-cost solutions for students and educators? The CCS web team is proud to announce the new and improved CCS webpage for education, with new product offerings for students and educators. The Educational Product Spotlight highlights new products, special discounts and innovative product combinations to equip you for developing real-world embedded applications.

Check out the revamped CCS Education webpage at

While you are there, feel free to use our interactive calculator by checking the items you wish to order, and use the print this page button to print the page with your selections. Simply fax the page with a copy of your student or faulty ID card and your shipping, payment and contact information to CCS Sales at:

CCS Sales Fax: (262) 522-6504

Ordering CCS educational products has never been easier. For a more detailed explanation of education payment and ordering instructions, please Click Here.

CCS values the education community and is committed to providing easy-to-use software and hardware tools at an affordable price. CCS Educational Products help you get started quickly and build a solid foundation for projects, experiments and hobby electronics. Try them today.

Hello PIC16F887 MCUs- goodbye PIC16F877A!

Thursday 17 April, 2008

Microchip Recommends the PIC16F887 MCUs for all New Designs!

Thinking about using a PIC16F877A? Well you may want to re-think that decision and use the PIC16F887 instead. Microchip recommends that all new designs use the new PIC16F887 in place of the PIC16F877A MCU. CCS has designed new development tools to support the PIC16F887, including a prototyping board and support for the chip in the latest version of the compiler. The PIC16F887 features are almost identical to its cousin the PIC16F877A, with the exception of additional pins that can be used for analog applications on the PIC16F887 and 14 channels of 10-bit(A/D) converter. An Internal Oscillator is also present on the PIC16F887. Users will be able to execute similar PIC16F877A applications on the new PIC16887 prototyping board.

Don't wait...switch now! The PIC16F887 prototyping board can be purchased in development kit format or as board only starting at $40. Check out what we have to offer at

New Book: C What Happens by David Benson Now Available!

Friday 21 March, 2008

Get LEDs to Light, Measure Analog Input and External Interrupt...with C What Happens by David Benson!

C What Happens is a series of explanations and examples for those who want to learn to program PIC® microcontrollers using the C programming language. It is assumed that the reader has no knowledge of PIC® microcontrollers or programming, but does have a rudimentary understanding of electronics.

The reader will learn to create programs by making selections from a large variety of built-in functions provided in the CCS C Compiler, writing his/her own functions as needed, and writing executable statements. The reader will "C what happens" by programming a PIC® microcontroller with the newly created code and exercising it using a simple circuit described in the book.

The subject matter is laid out in a logical progression from simple to not-so-simple and is illustrated with lots of examples.

C What Happens teaches the user how to write embedded software by stepping them through easy to follow examples and diagrams. The user will learn how to write a control flow, modular program, how to handle data and much more. The user will also experience basic C structure by leaning how to use a timer overflow as an interrupt or how to use Strings, Arrays and structures in their code.

Learn how to design and create embedded programs by conquering:

  • C syntax and data types

  • Built in functions

  • Pre-processor directions

  • I/O pin manipulation by turning I/O on or off, reading imports and writing pins

Get a $10 discount on C What Happens if you already own a compiler or when a compiler is purchased. Regular price $34.95.

Anniversary Edition Clear Case ICD-U40

Friday 01 February, 2008

Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the ICD-U40 with CCS!

In honor of the 5th anniversary of the ICD-U40, we are offering a limited-time edition CLEAR ICD-U40 unit. It is equipped with the same efficient in-circuit serial programming and debug capabilities that customers expect from CCS in a fun clear package. The ICD-U40 provides detailed debugging information at the C level and the stand-alone control software will allow you to quickly program target chips using ICSP. The choice is clear, there is only one ICD solution for all your PIC® MCU Flash, PIC24 and dsPIC® support, the clear ICD-U40.

Join in the celebration! For a limited time CCS is offering customers that upgrade to an IDE compiler or purchase IDE maintenance before your download rights expire and receive an Anniversary Edition Clear ICD-U40 for only $50.00 (reg. $75.00). When ordering enter discount code: ICDCLEARNEWS

Need more information?
Visit or call (262) 522-6500 ext. 35

New Shopping Cart Options at –What Do You Think?

Friday 01 February, 2008

CCS would like to thank our customers for their patience through the recent website changes intended to streamline and improve the online shopping experience through We are looking for customer feedback from those who have recently purchased their compiler software or development tools through our website since January 31, 2008. Please email your comments, suggestions or problems to or speak to us directly by calling 262-522-6500 ext. 64.

PIC32 MCUs-New From Microchip--- What Do You Think?

Thursday 29 November, 2007

What Do You Think about the new PIC32 MCUs from Microchip?

In October, Microchip announced the newest member of the PIC® MCU family, the PIC32 microcontroller. This 32-bit PIC® family has a MIPS core AND PIC® MCU peripherals for processor migration and use of development tools. For details on PIC32 MCUs, Click Here.

CCS is looking for feedback on possible future projects or plans to migrate to this chip. Please email comments to or speak to us directly by calling 262-522-6500 ext. 64.

CCS IDE Supports Microchip ICD2 and REAL ICE

Thursday 29 November, 2007

Customers who have Microchip MPLAB® ICD2 or MPLAB® REAL ICE programmer/debugger can now utilize the CCS IDE debugger for both programming and debugging. Users can develop, program and debug code using a single software platform – (version 4.064 of PCW,PCWH, PCWHD or PCDIDE) and not need to switch between programming interfaces. These Microchip tools integrate seamlessly into the CCS Advanced Debugger, improving efficiency.

The CCS Advanced Debugger features logging options, RAM and peripheral watch windows and several other features that are standard for a high end debugging tool. This powerful tool will work in the same manner with the MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® REAL ICE hardware. Once the project is compiled, the user can enable the debugger in the CCS IDE by selecting the name of the programmer/debugger from the "Debug Configure" option on the IDE menu tab and loading the target with the debug code. The debug configure menu can also be used to select a different device for performing debugging.

Compiler Integration:

  • 1. You will need version 4.064 of the IDE based compiler

  • 2. You will also need to download the MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® REAL ICE interface module from the CCS Downloads Page. Note: If you do not have MPLAB® already installed, you will need to so by visiting

  • 3. The debug environment is built-in to the CCS Advanced Debugger. Once the hardware is connected to your PC, select the programmer/debugger from the "Debug Configure" option on the IDE menu tab.

  • For additional help or instructions on how to use MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® Real Ice with the CCS Compiler, please Click Here to visit the FAQ on this topic.

    MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® REAL ICE will also continue to be supported by our full line of command line compilers (PCB, PCM, PCH and PCD).

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