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New CCS C Compiler Quick Start Webinar

Thursday 15 April, 2010

CCS has produced a new C Compiler Quick Start Webinar to help customers become immediately productive with CCS development tools. This exciting, new webinar will show you how easy it is to go from a blank sheet of paper to a blinking LED in less than five minutes!

You will:

- Learn how the CCS color coded text editor simplifies design entry
- See how CCS provided built-in functions speed up software development
- Quickly locate and correct design errors
- Program devices in-circuit and modify the blink rate on the fly with the CCS ICD-U64 In-Circuit Programmer/Debugger

View the webinar at

The PIC16F877A Development Kit used in the webinar features the powerful CCS PCW C compiler with support for Microchip's PIC® PIC10, PIC12 and PIC16 families, an ICD-U64 in-circuit programmer/debugger and a prototyping board with power supply, cables and hardware accessories to jump start your product development. CCS is offering a $25 discount through May 30th on the development kit to coincide with the webinar release. Enter discount code 877AWEB when ordering the kit.

New CCS Mobile In-Circuit Programming Webinar

Monday 24 May, 2010

CCS has produced a new Mobile Programming Webinar to help customers become immediately productive with the battery operated Load-n-Go hand-held ICSP™ programmer. This exciting, new webinar will show you how to update your stand-alone products in the field without the need for a PC.

You will:

  • Enable your field support technicians and engineers to load new software in deployed products and keep them running at peak performance

  • Use the CCSLoad Programmer Control Software to store programs in the Load-n-Go hand-held programmer for multiple product configurations

  • Quickly locate and resolve programming issues

  • Learn how the battery operated Load-n-Go can program devices in-circuit, even when the target system is powered down

View the webinar at

The Load-n-Go programmer/debugger used in the webinar provides programming support for Microchip's PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC families. Running on four AA batteries, this device performs rapid field programming of targets with up to four firmware images. It also can be used as an in-circuit debugger with the C-Aware Debugger software included in CCS IDE Compilers.

The Load-n-Go ships with everything needed to jump start your product development - power supply, batteries, programming and USB cables and programmer control software. It can be paired with Tag-Connect (not included), a cost saving ICSP™ programming cable that eliminates the need for an ICSP™ connector on the target board. Tag-Connect provides a direct pin-to-PCB connection that reduces component count and cost of your end product.

The Load-n-Go programmer is in-stock and available now.

  • Load-n-Go Hand-held Programmer - $199

  • Tag Connect - $30

IDE Compiler owners can purchase the Load-n-Go for $149!

CCS at MASTERs 2010

Thursday 22 July, 2010

CCS will be part of the Third Party Bazaar at the 2010 MASTERs worldwide conference. Visit our booth to evaluate our PRIME8 and Load-n-Go programmers as well as the EZ WEB Lynx Embedded Ethernet integration device. Get an inside view of the CCS IDE compiler and learn about the features that could benefit you by speaking directly to the lead engineer at the CCS booth.

Hot off the press... CCS will introduce "Master and Command C for PIC®MCU", Fred Eady's new book which highlights the most effective and advance techniques for embedded design using the PIC®MCU and CCS C Compiler. Get your copy of the new book at the CCS booth during the lunch and dinner hours of the conference. The book will be sold at a discounted price for MASTERs attendees.

MASTERs will be held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona from August 25th-28th. Learn more about MASTERs, visit We hope to see you there.

On-Demand Webinar Training Program Launched at CCS

Tuesday 27 July, 2010

CCS, Inc. today announced the launch of its Webinar Training program on its corporate website, These webinars offer design engineers on-demand access to product information for the CCS optimizing C compiler, as well as demonstrations and tips on associated development tools for Microchip PIC® MCU and dsPIC® digital signal controller devices.

These web-based learning tools were developed by CCS to fulfill engineers’ needs for information that enables them to start their designs quickly and resolve issues that may arise during the product development cycle. Currently, there are three training webinars on-line:

  • The C Compiler Quick-Start takes embedded design engineers though the process of creating C programs with the CCS IDE compiler, downloading files to a Microchip PIC® MCU using an ICD-U64 debugger/programmer and quickly and easily modifying the blink rate of an LED on a CCS prototyping board

  • The Mobile In-Circuit Programming webinar shows field service technicians and engineers how to load up to four separate programming files in deployed products with the CCS hand-held, battery operated Load-n-Go™ programmer

  • In the newest webinar, Volume Production Programming , production and operations personnel are taught how to use the CCS Prime8 in-circuit parallel programmer while connected to a PC, store up to four separate programming files in the Prime8’s internal memory and configure it for stand-alone operation, and access programming files with its built-in SD card reader

This is only the beginning of what will become an extensive library of CCS training webinars. Varying in length from 6 to 8 minutes, they will provide just the right level of detail to enable engineers and technicians to learn what’s needed to accomplish the task at hand, in the shortest time possible.

The CCS Webinar Training program will accelerate embedded product development by teaching both basic and advanced design and debugging techniques using the CCS C compiler, development kits, programmers and debuggers. The webinars are taught by highly experienced CCS development engineers, all well versed in the intricacies of embedded design with Microchip PIC® MCUs.

To view the webinars, go to CCS Webinars

Venture to the Bottom of the Ocean with CCS!

Friday 13 August, 2010

CCS announcing that software embedded in a Sony high definition camera used in the Nautilus Live Expedition was developed using the company's code optimizing C compiler. Catch the current expedition of the Eratosthenes Seamount live from August 15th - 30th at The Nautilus Live website also includes blogs, photos and video highlights from the most recent expeditions which explore ancient shipwrecks and an underwater volcano.

Tasked with developing a camera that would function at deep ocean depths under low light conditions, the developer's chose Microchip's PIC® PIC18F2620 microcontroller to handle focus, iris setting, zoom and white balancing functions. Engineers chose development tools from CCS to accelerate their product development, freeing them to concentrate on design functionality instead of having to become microcontroller architecture experts.

The underwater expeditions demonstrate the diversity of applications the Microchip PIC®MCU and CCS development tools can be used for. Stay tuned to learn about the latest projects using CCS development tools.

Hot off the Press - Master and Command C for PIC®MCU

Wednesday 25 August, 2010

CCS is announcing the release of Master and Command C for PIC®MCU written by Fred Eady. This book gives the opportunity to look over Fred's shoulder as he explores some of the CCS compiler's more advanced built-in functions.

Any beginner or advanced CCS C Compiler user will be able to take something away from this book to improve their coding style. After reading Master and Command C for PIC®MCU, one book reviewer stated, “Even after using the CCS C Compiler for more than a year, there are still a great number of features and built-in functions that I have been missing out on.”

Fred Eady highlights techniques used for #DEFINE, Conditional Compilation, Debugging, and #SERIALIZE. These techniques allow readers to reduce the amount of memory their programs take up and simplify their code, making for easier changes.

To order a copy today, click here. Regular Price is $14.95 and CCS compiler owners can receive a copy for only $9.95! More compiler features are yet to be uncovered by Fred Eady, so stay tuned for Volume 2.


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