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Tech Note - TCP/IP Project Wizard: New HTTP Client!

Wednesday 24 September, 2014

The TCP/IP Project Wizard, within any of the CCS C-Aware IDE Compilers, now enable HTTP Client applications in a snap! Get your Internet ready project started quickly, in the Project Wizard, by using an Internet capable PIC® MCU and setting up the device as an HTTP Client. This frees the device to communicate with an HTTP Server over a Network or Internet.

Kickoff your TCP/IP project with just 3 simple steps: First, click over to the HTTP Client tab to specify the IP address or hostname of the server. Second, designate a URL, or file, for access with an additional custom header - if needed. Third, enable CGI format and a CGI key/value pair to send in the GET/POST request - if required. Setup is now complete! The Project Wizard will now generate a base code framework with helpful 'TODOs'. These 'TODOs' mark where specified tasks need to be handled in the project code. The TCP/IP stack, automatically included in the project, is tailored to the options you have chosen through this Project Wizard. It's that simple!

Sample Project Code:


... ... ... ...

if (0) // todo: specify action condition, like a button press
g_MyHttpSending = TRUE;
else if (!HttpClientIsBusy() && g_MyHttpSending)
g_MyHttpSending = FALSE;

// todo: if you want to see the pass/fail of the request,
//       use HttpClientGetResult()

// todo: if you want to see the data read from the server,
//       look at the g_MyHttpResponse[] string

... ... ... ...


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