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Announcing the Arrival of PIC24F and PIC24H Prototyping Boards!

Thursday 29 November, 2007

CCS has added development kits for the PIC24FJ128GA006 and PIC24HJ128GP306 devices for prototyping the PIC24 families.

The PIC24F and PIC24H are compact prototyping boards that include a potentiometer, a pushbutton, three LEDs, two RS-232 jacks connected to the F2/F3 UART and F4/F5 UART and an ICD connector. These boards run at 3.3V and include 9V battery-operating option.

The PIC24FJ128GA006 chip features CRC module and a real time clock (RTC) for added execution speed and reduction of external components.

The PIC24HJ128GA006 has reduced peripherals that enhance speed and memory by DMA (direct memory access) channels. The PIC24HJ128GA006 chip runs at an impressive 40MIPS allowing for fast execution times.

Development kits include a prototyping board, in-circuit debugger/programmer, breadboard, parts box, exercise book, cables and carrying case . PIC24F and PIC24H Development Kits Now Available at Kit prices start at $135.00.

For more information on the PIC24F and PIC24H Development Kits, contact CCS sales at 262.522.6500 ext 35 or email at