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Extreme Code Optimizer

Thursday 24 June, 2021

If you have a version 5 compiler there is an optimization feature you may not be aware of. For many chips there is an aggressive code optimizer available, optimizing for space instead of speed. The optimizer is able to search the entire compiled program to find repeating blocks of code whereby reducing all those repeating blocks into one shared sub-routine. Optimizer is executed during the final phase of the compile which presents the ability to cross a function boundary when performing the optimization. This can only be done on parts with a flexible call instruction and available stack, for example the PIC18 and PIC24 families of devices.

This optimization level can be achieved by adding this line of code into your project.
#opt compress

The average size reduction of program memory is approximately 15%. In some cases we have seen program memory reduced by 60%. Provided below are examples of compression levels:

Consider this example. When a program that passes &n seven times to two functions and the code needed to do that takes 6 instructions. On the right we show the normal optimization and on the right #opt compress.

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