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Introduction to the EZ App Lynx Library

Monday 17 May, 2021

The EZ App Lynx compiler library, Android Application, and iOS Application can add some neat capabilities to your PIC® MCU project. With a Bluetooth® interface, this allows a user's embedded project to interface to a smart device.

The technique used to do this does not require to write an app for the phone. In the above diagram, the micro sends the text to display on the initially blank screen. It then requests a button be put on the screen. The generic app available from CCS simply does anything the PIC® MCU tells it to.

The same certified app available in the smart device stores (for free) can be used for any number of PIC® MCU programs. Each program makes the display and operation it's own. Graphics and logs can be sent to the smart device or you can required the app download the images from the web.

At the PIC® MCU, a simple library is used call EZ APP LYNX and is included with all IDE compilers. An example program looks like this:

void main(void) {
ezapp_field_index_t pot;
EZAppInit(); //EZ App Lynx API

pot = EZAppAddFieldAnalogValueScaled(
0, //min
1023, //max
330, //scaling
2 //decimal points, 3.30

for(;;) {
EZAppTask(); //EZ App Lynx API to keep Bluetooth up
EZAppSetValue(pot, read_adc());

The library has a number of buttons, indicators, sliders and much more. Here is an example inserting a background on the smart device display:

Charts and graphics are easy to do as well:
An easy way to get started is using the development kit that includes a plug in Bluetooth® module, ready to start communicating with a smart device.

More information about EZ App Lynx, visit:

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