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Rumor has it CCS is developing Version 5.....what? when? how do I get it?

Thursday 27 September, 2012

Just when you thought the CCS C Compiler could not get any better, you thought wrong! CCS will launch Version 5 for beta in the upcoming one to two months. During the beta testing period, new features will be continuously announced and rolled out in new beta versions.

One brand new and exciting feature newly added for Version 5 is the C Profiler. While the PICĀ® MCU is running, information about the program that is executing, is continuously logged and analyzed to give a profile of the program.

You can easily obtain information while using the C Profiler and ICD-U64, such as:
- Profile only certain blocks of code
- Transmit special debug messages
- Log certain variables

There is quite a bit more to the C Profiler than a news announcement can do justice, as well as the many more additions to Version 5....keep looking for additional news stories, as well as updates to the Version 5 page on our website.

Version 5

Want to be a beta tester* for Version 5.... or make suggestions on what you would like to see in Version thru to the above link!

*All customers with active maintenance are eligible to apply for V.5 betas.
All customers with active maintenance when V.5 is released will receive V.5 at no additional cost.

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