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PRIME8 Production Programmer for PIC®MCU

Thursday 16 October, 2008

Introducing PRIME8 Production Programmer, the latest addition to the CCS family of programmers/debuggers. PRIME8 supports PIC®MCU devices and has eight In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP™ ) jacks which enable high volume device programming by allowing up to eight targets to be programmed at once or individual targets to be selected.

The flexibility of PRIME8 allows for use of an SD card reader to eliminate the need for a PC at the point of programming. A user can access HEX files on an SD card or store files in the 2MB of internal memory. PRIME8 supports 2.0V to 5V target programming and can supply up to 200mA to each target.

LCD menu and control buttons come standard on PRIME8 for stand-alone use. Additional unique hardware features include verification of program status, enable individual targets, specify a HEX file, read the device ID, and serial numbering. The ID memory allows a user to store checksum or program information that can be read and displayed. This can be used to verify the correct firmware has been loaded to the processor, even if the device is read-protected.

PRIME8 includes the easy-to-use CCS Programmer Control Software that quickly steps the user through the process of loading firmware, configuring target voltage and much more! The software gives the user the ability to program or erase devices efficiently. Three main programming menu buttons allow access to many of the PRIME8 features, such as reading a written program, viewing data memory, reviewing configuration options, and more...

Also be sure to check out Tag-Connect the new production ICSP™ programming cable. Tag-Connect saves on production costs and allows you to eliminate the ICSP™ connector on your products! You can find more information on this NEW money saving tool on the PRIME8 overview web page.

Visit the PRIME8 overview for more information