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The latest addition to the CCS family of programmers/debuggers, Prime8 has eight In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP™ ) jacks which enable high volume device programming by allowing up to eight targets to be programmed at once or individual targets to be selected. The flexibility of Prime8 allows for use of an SD card reader to eliminate the the need for a PC at the point of programming.





Hardware Features

  • 2 MB internal memory
  • 8 selectable targets
  • Can supply up to 200 mA to each target
  • Supports 2.0V to 5V targets
  • The SD card reader eliminates the need for a PC at the point of programming
  • The LCD menu and control buttons allow the user to instruct the unit to program a device, verify the program status, enable individual targets, specify hex file, read the device serial ID and create unique serial numbers
  • Green/Red Pass/Fail LEDs for each target
  • RoHS compliant

Standalone Features

  • The ID memory, allows the user to store checksum or program information that can be read and displayed. This can be used to verify the correct firmware has been loaded to the processor, even if the device has been read-protected.
  • Prime8 serial numbering capability assigns a unique serial number to devices during programming and is ideal in production environments
  • Ability to read HEX file from SD card or internal memory
  • Store HEX files on internal memory or SD card
  • Create eight user configurable programming routines
  • Read device ID
  • The user may configure jobs to save the following characteristics:
    • Target voltage
    • HEX file
    • Serial numbers


Software Features

  • CCSLOAD Programmer Control Software easily steps the user through the process of loading firmware
  • Using the Device Screen the user can:
    • Easily configure the Prime8 to provide the target voltage
    • Save up to four HEX files in Prime8 internal memory


CCSLoad Software - Main Screen
The Production Interface shows a summary of all HEX files, including the target processor, description of the program and optional product image. The File Selector is useful in production settings, as you can choose and burn target processors with the least amount of user input.

CCS Programmer Control Software is designed for easy set-up, programming and device verification on the Prime8.

The software gives the user the ability to utilize these key features:

Powerful Command Line Options

  • Both GUI (graphics pop-up) and Console (DOS like) versions
  • Linux version with same commands
  • Perform all operations, control settings and evaluate results from a command line, preset desktop icon or form your own PC software

Easy to use Production Interface

  • Point, click and program
  • Associate comments and images with hex files for easy selection
  • Hands-Free mode will start programming each time a new target is connected to the programmer
  • PC audio cues indicate success and fail

Extensive Diagnostics

  • Each target pin connection can be individually tested
  • Programming and debugging is tested with known good programs
  • Various PC driver tests to identify specific driver installation problems

Enhanced Security Options

  • Erase chips that failed programming
  • Verify protected code so that it cannot be read after programming
  • File wide CRC checking

FREE Downloads

New unit firmware can be downloaded from the web to add support for new devices. Free!

Simply write it, program it and verify it - it is so easy even a non-technical operator can use the Prime8!


Prime8 Includes

  • CCS Programmer Control Software to load images
  • Help File
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Eight target programming cables

Please contact sales regarding custom cables and connectors


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Manufacturer Part Number: TC2030-MCP

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