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CCS IDE Supports Microchip ICD2 and REAL ICE

Thursday 29 November, 2007

Customers who have Microchip MPLAB® ICD2 or MPLAB® REAL ICE programmer/debugger can now utilize the CCS IDE debugger for both programming and debugging. Users can develop, program and debug code using a single software platform – (version 4.064 of PCW,PCWH, PCWHD or PCDIDE) and not need to switch between programming interfaces. These Microchip tools integrate seamlessly into the CCS Advanced Debugger, improving efficiency.

The CCS Advanced Debugger features logging options, RAM and peripheral watch windows and several other features that are standard for a high end debugging tool. This powerful tool will work in the same manner with the MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® REAL ICE hardware. Once the project is compiled, the user can enable the debugger in the CCS IDE by selecting the name of the programmer/debugger from the "Debug Configure" option on the IDE menu tab and loading the target with the debug code. The debug configure menu can also be used to select a different device for performing debugging.

Compiler Integration:

  • 1. You will need version 4.064 of the IDE based compiler

  • 2. You will also need to download the MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® REAL ICE interface module from the CCS Downloads Page. Note: If you do not have MPLAB® already installed, you will need to so by visiting

  • 3. The debug environment is built-in to the CCS Advanced Debugger. Once the hardware is connected to your PC, select the programmer/debugger from the "Debug Configure" option on the IDE menu tab.

  • For additional help or instructions on how to use MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® Real Ice with the CCS Compiler, please Click Here to visit the FAQ on this topic.

    MPLAB® ICD2 and MPLAB® REAL ICE will also continue to be supported by our full line of command line compilers (PCB, PCM, PCH and PCD).