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New Stack for CCS Wireless-Ember ZigBee™ Development Tools

Thursday 18 October, 2007



Early this summer Ember Corporation, a ZigBee Alliance member, and CCS, Inc. launched the CCS Development Kit for Wireless applications using Microchip PIC® microcontrollers. Since its inception, Ember has made several changes and improvements to the Ember ZigBee Pro stack software in the newly released version 3.02. Version 3.02 changes that have been implemented in the CCS kit:

  • New API for setting TX power while connected.

  • ZigBee Pro software stack has introduced reliable APS messages which include a sequence number and can optionally receive end-to-end acknowledgment, as well as, advanced Security features including end-to-end APS security.

  • A many-to-one routine feature has also been introduced in version 3.02, solving the issue of scaling a network of many devices communicating to a single gateway/aggregator.

  • A new manufacturing library has been added which includes several functions to test the EM260 radio before shipping.

  • The new stack provides an optional Bootloader for the SPI based EM260 chips which can be updated by the host microcontroller running SPI or over the air.

CCS has been working with Ember to incorporate the new and improved API into the CCS Wireless - Ember ZigBee Edition Development Kit so that the latest stack can be utilized! The updated kit with the ZigBee Pro version 3.02 improvements is now available at CCS. Click here to view the CCS Wireless-Ember ZigBee development kit.

If you have additional questions please contact sales at (262) 522-6500 ext. 35 or email us at

If you would like us to send you the updated ZigBee stack, please email Kaushik at