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Product Spotlight: Robot Car Development Kit

Wednesday 13 May, 2020

Have fun learning about embedded programming with the CCS Robot Car development kit. The development kit includes the prototyping board to attach to the robot car once it is assembled. The sensors provided as part of the assembly will be used directly in the example programs from the Exercise Book and to be able to compete autonomously.

Infrared sensors can detect white or dark under the car and can be used for line sensing or line following. Proximity sensors can detect if it is approaching an object. Magnetic compass can be used to detect current heading. The car is controlled by two direct DC motors. This kit is a great learning tool for showing how an embedded system can read analog and digital sensors, then react to those sensors.

This kit has an optional EZ App Lynx connector. If an EZ App Lynx is attached, the car can be controlled over Bluetooth® using an Android or Apple iOS device. All sensor readings can be displayed on the Android or Apple iOS device.

CCS designed a Robot Soccer field for Maker Faire. Kids, and adults, enjoyed playing Robot soccer with tablets. See a video here:

Robot Car Development Kit is available Now!