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CCS IDE-Compiler Enhancements Boost Developer Productivity

Thursday 01 September, 2011

Real Time Data Stream Plotting Added to IDE Compilers

CCS IDE Compilers are able to read data streamed to a PC where it can be plotted in real time using the IDE's SIOW (Serial Input/Output Monitor). Devices capable of outputting comma delimited ASCII data through a USB or RS-232 port can have their output displayed in real-time on a graph from within the IDE. The device can be connected directly to the PC's USB or serial port; no debugger or other hardware is required. This capability is especially useful when debugging data aquisition systems and sensors, motion control systems, etc. To see an example of SIOW data plotting, go to

Track Source File Revisions with Keep File Change History

The IDE now has an option to keep copies of all source file changes in a history directory. Each copy of the file has a unique version number appended to the filename. The version number is incremented each time another copy of the file is written to the history directory.
IDE editor options give users the flexibility to control how source file changes are saved. Users can choose to place a copy of the source file in the history directory every time the file is saved. Alternatively, users can limit the frequency of history copy creation by time or by number of file save operations.

Expanded Device Serialization Options

The CCS compiler's #SERIALIZE source code declaration is used to place unique ID numbers in programmed devices. The declaration makes serial numbers easier to implement when working with CCS programmers.

User declared variable types now enable more efficient storage of serial numbers in Microchip PICĀ® PIC24 MCU program memory. Developers can specify the starting address and number of bytes used to store the serial number, as well as the source of the initial number.

Bootloading Made Simple

CCS now provides a free command line PC bootload utility, CCS Bootloader, to simplify the development of field updatable products. This utility is designed to work with CCS like bootloaders. And the best part may be distributed as part of a user's end product without having to pay a royalty. To download the utility, go to

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