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Enhanced Midrange Core Support in PCM

Tuesday 15 September, 2009

CCS has added new functions and features into the PCM compiler to support the Enhanced Midrange Core Families PIC16F1xxx and PIC12F1xxx - and it is available NOW.

Benefits to these devices include a 16-level hardware stack with overflow/underflow RESET capabilities, up to 56K instruction sets and 4K of RAM. CCS has Built-in functions for the additional and enhanced peripherals, a reduction of inline system functions using the 16-level call stack, compatibility switching for translating old or hard-coded addresses to new SFR registers and full support for the new instruction set.

These devices are less expensive and reduce code size . . . let the CCS PCM show you how. Look for the CCS PIC16F1937 Development Kit early October! The kit tutorial includes exercises for using the new built-in functions, access enhanced peripherals, and reducing code size.

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