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New Revision of ICD-U and Support for PIC18FJxxx Chips

Monday 24 July, 2006

The ICD-U40 Rev 5 now supports the newly released PIC18FJxx series of chips from Microchip. The ICD-U40 has been improved by changing the level converters on clock and data. The new revision also added a level converter on B3 (allowing debugging at low voltages).

Microchip's newly released PIC18FJxx series of chips is now supported for ICSP™ with the CCS ICD and soon for debugging. This series of PIC18 devices features:

  • Low-power, high-speed CMOS Flash technology
  • Operating voltage range of 2.0 - 3.6V
  • 5V tolerant digital input
  • Double synchronous serial ports (I2C and SPI) and double asynchronous (LIN capable) serial ports
  • Large amounts of RAM memory for buffering and Flash program memory

These devices operate at 40 Mhz, making them backwards compatible to the PIC18F6720 for hardware and software. For additional chip-specific information, go to for data sheets.

Customers who purchased a Revision 4 ICD-U40 in or after February 2006 may modify their ICD-U40 to use with J chips. These units have #100 after the firmware version. E-mail to request the special ICD software required.

  • ICD-U40 Under Warranty: E-mail within 30 days regarding your ICD-U40 error and we will ship a replacement unit and a return label for the defective unit at our cost.

  • ICD-U40 Out of Warranty: E-mail regarding your ICD-U40 error and we will provide you with an RMA # to return the unit. We will promptly provide a repair quote. Shipping to and from CCS is at Customers expense.

CCS C Compiler Version 4.0 Now Available

Monday 14 August, 2006

Following the success of the Version 4.0 Beta Release, CCS is proud to announce that the Version 4.0 C Compiler is now available to consumers. Today's release sets a new standard for C Compiler software, taking ease-of-use and improved function to a whole new level. CCS invites you to experience Version 4.0.

Version 4.0 includes exactly the features you've been waiting for in a next generation C Compiler. The new-look Version 4 IDE enables a set of powerful tools and wizards providing the greatest level of ease in your project management. C-Aware Editor, Flow Chart Editor , Document Generator, C-Metrics Calculator, and the updated project wizard are just a few of the tools allowing the user to perform advanced code generation in a logical visual environment. Help file and mouse-over-tool tips, as well as the Tech Support Wizard, assist developers during all phases of the development process. And the new Download Manager helps keep your software up-to-date automatically.

Version 4.0 enhances your ability to produce more compact, efficient C code with integrated features and functions, and the upgraded RS232 and I2C Libraries which now include SPI libraries to support any general purpose. Version 4.0 is overall faster in the completion of operations, quickening the compilation process through the new Relocatable Objects/Linker feature, and the Fixed Point Decimal function also provides a dramatic speed boost. Version 4.0 marks an increase in the Compiler's flexibility in the handling of constant data through Pointers to Constants, and the Compiler is now supportive of new data types, bit arrays, and default and variable parameters providing a more complete C Compiler solution to your development needs. To learn more about Version 4.0, please visit the following website:

Version 4.0 is designed for the optimal, efficient development of C Code for Microchip PIC® Microcontrollers. Support for PIC24, dsPIC30XXXX, and dsPIC33XXXX Microcontrollers will be available in the near future. You can expect many more new features to appear in Version 4.0 over the next several months as CCS completes testing on those features.

Please report any problems or comments to, and expect a number of releases over the next couple of weeks to address all reported issues. Version 4.0 printed manuals will begin shipping on August 23, 2006.

Spotlight: CCS C Compiler Download Manager

Friday 20 October, 2006

Have you heard about the new abilities of the Download Manager tool? Download Manager is included as part of the Version 4 CCS C Compiler software and can be accessed in the compiler's IDE or as a separate executable. Download Manager checks and updates the compiler software, the ICD and Mach X software, and current drivers and datasheets; while archiving previous files.
Access to Download Manager is as easy as clicking an icon or as a separate executable from the desktop. The following highlights are some of the options for Download Manager settings:

  • Customize software to update
  • Save an archive copy of downloads
  • Frequency in which to check for updated files
  • Settings for updating/saving new files

Did you know that you can access exclusive discounts and special offers from CCS directly through the Download Manager? Look for the special ads while downloading the newest versions. Current Download Manager specials include:
  • " Overstock Item " Special Price! CAN Bus Development Kit (Hardware Only) For Just $75.
  • " Free Item " High Speed, Durable Programmer and More! Buy A Mach X Programmer Today And Receive A PIC16F877A Prototyping Board FREE With Your Order!
  • " Special Offer " Buy One-Year IDE Compiler Maintenance And Get $50 Off An RFID Development Kit (Hardware Only) With Your Purchase.

Download Manager exclusive offers are updated on a regular basis, so check back often for new and exciting discounts. Should you have any questions about Download Manager, setting-up your Automatic Updates, or accessing Special Offers, please feel free to email

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