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New Revision of ICD-U and Support for PIC18FJxxx Chips

Monday 24 July, 2006

The ICD-U40 Rev 5 now supports the newly released PIC18FJxx series of chips from Microchip. The ICD-U40 has been improved by changing the level converters on clock and data. The new revision also added a level converter on B3 (allowing debugging at low voltages).

Microchip's newly released PIC18FJxx series of chips is now supported for ICSP with the CCS ICD and soon for debugging. This series of PIC18 devices features:

  • Low-power, high-speed CMOS Flash technology
  • Operating voltage range of 2.0 - 3.6V
  • 5V tolerant digital input
  • Double synchronous serial ports (I2C and SPI) and double asynchronous (LIN capable) serial ports
  • Large amounts of RAM memory for buffering and Flash program memory

These devices operate at 40 Mhz, making them backwards compatible to the PIC18F6720 for hardware and software. For additional chip-specific information, go to for data sheets.

Customers who purchased a Revision 4 ICD-U40 in or after February 2006 may modify their ICD-U40 to use with J chips. These units have #100 after the firmware version. E-mail to request the special ICD software required.

  • ICD-U40 Under Warranty: E-mail within 30 days regarding your ICD-U40 error and we will ship a replacement unit and a return label for the defective unit at our cost.

  • ICD-U40 Out of Warranty: E-mail regarding your ICD-U40 error and we will provide you with an RMA # to return the unit. We will promptly provide a repair quote. Shipping to and from CCS is at Customers expense.