EZ Web Lynx 3.3V

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EZ Web Lynx 3.3V
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Simplify your Ethernet Integration with EZ Web Lynx.

The 3.3 Volt EZ Web Lynx is a compact device, smaller than a 9V battery, that packs a punch of power and capabilities. EZ Web Lynx has the capability to upload custom web pages, view the condition of the 17 programmable I/O pins, change the device settings and view incoming data. EZ Web Lynx can even send event driven or status e-mails. The power of versatility present in the EZ Web Lynx can drastically cut development cost and time. It is easy to integrate into new or existing products, making it ready-to-use.

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Get started quickly using the 3.3 Volt EZ Web Lynx Development Kit!

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