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C Compiler Quick Start Video Tutorial
Duration: 6:03
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Go from a blank sheet of paper to a blinking LED in less than 5 minutes!

You will:

  • Learn how the CCS color coded text editor simplifies design entry
  • See how CCS provided built-in functions speed up software development
  • Quickly locate and correct design errors
  • Program devices in-circuit and modify the blink rate on the fly with the CCS ICD-U64 In-circuit Programmer/Debugger

Volume Production Programming Video Tutorial
Duration: 7:35
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Streamline your manufacturing process!


  • Reduce manufacturing cost by in-circuit programming up to 8 boards in parallel
  • Easy-to-use CCSLoad programmer control software to store up to four programs in the Prime8 production programmer's internal memory for stand-alone operation
  • Configure the Prime8 programmer to supply the target boards with 2.0 V to 5.0 V for programming
  • Quickly locate and resolve programming issues

Mobile In-Circuit Programming Video Tutorial
Duration: 6:51
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Update your stand-alone products in the field without the need of a PC!

You will:

  • Enable your field support technicians and engineers to load new software in deployed products and keep them running at peak performance
  • Use CCSload programmer control software to store programs in the LOAD-n-GO hand-held programmer for multiple product configurations
  • Quickly locate and resolve programming issues
  • Learn how the battery operated LOAD-n-GO can program devices in-circuit, even when the target system is powered down

Unable to Detect USB Connected Programmer Unable to Detect Serial Connected Programmer Unable to Detect Target

Learn from CCS development engineers how to quickly resolve programming issues!


  • Resolve hardware and hookup problems with diagnostic utilities built into CCSLoad
  • Eliminate USB and serial port communication failures between PC and programmer
  • Verify proper voltage levels for programming
  • Troubleshoot ICSP circuit connections by using CCSLoad diagnostics to drive signals on programming pins
  • Multiple "mini-video tutorials" organized by programming failure mode enable you to quickly learn how to resolve issues yourself without CCS contacting technical support

Unable to Detect USB Connected Programmer
Unable to Detect Serial Connected Programmer
Unable to Detect Target

Data Streaming Video Tutorial
Duration: 5:36
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Eliminate a diagnostic serial port and save money by streaming data through the ICSP interface instead!

You will:

  • Learn how to modify one line of source code in an existing design to stream data through the ICSP port
  • See how to use the ICD-U64 programmer/debugger as a serial communications link between the target board and host PC
  • View input and output waveforms on the host PC using the CCS Serial Port Monitor
  • Modify operating parameters without reloading a new software image

Using CCS C Compiler in MPLAB X
Duration: 6:25
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In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the CCS C compiler within MPLAB® X!

You will learn how to:

  • Install the CCS Plug-in in MPLAB® X
  • Set up a new project in MPLAB® X
  • Add an existing C source file to the project
  • Compile and debug the project
  • Find output files
  • Program the chip

Duration: 11:03
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Ejemplo de acceso a datos de depuración a través de la interfaz ISCP y el programador/depurador ICD-U64 de CCS.

Duration: 16:00
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This presentation by Microchip introduces the CCS EZ Web Lynx network integration device.

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