Project Examples

Sample list of customer projects completed


  • Proprietary one wire interface to CANBUS bridge.


  • Cell phone interface modules to program and dump diagnostic data for field testing.
  • Cell phone SIM card multiplexer to allow automatic and electronic switching of the active SIM card used for a call phone.
  • Module with a PIC that plugs into the socket for a legacy processor and simulates the functionality.
  • Long life battery operated remote sensor sending data in periodic bursts over a cell phone network.
  • Remote sensor units with interfaces to Ethernet, Cell Phones or Satellite for data collection over the web.

Data Logging/Firmware Updates

  • Analog data logger and PC based data analysis program.
  • Data logger to a SD card.
  • Health equipment display unit with specific settings and logging memory for each specific user (F/W only).
  • I2C based logging device.

Data/Temperature Sensing or Monitoring

  • Alarm sensor powered by a 4-20m sensor output (F/W only)
  • Controller operated over Ethernet with a Telnet interface and AT commands
  • Hand held G force meter using an accelerometer and LED display.
  • LCD display unit to display industrial monitoring data from multiple RS485 sources.
  • Remote controller/monitor event programming done through an XML control program
  • Remote controller/monitor with Internet interface
  • Remote controller/monitor ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, Telnet protocols
  • Remote controller/monitor web server and e-mail user interface
  • Remote controller/monitor digital I/O, Analog I/O PWM output
  • Remote temperature sensor operating and powered over Ethernet.
  • Temperature sensor board that works on a RS485 bus with multiple drops.
  • RS485 based thermostats (F/W only).
  • Ultrasonic distance sensing unit for determining liquid level in tanks.
  • Water meter detector interface to RS485 unit.
  • Wide range temperature sensor using thermocouples and transferring data over RS485.


  • USB to Dallas iButton bridge.
  • Dallas iButton controlled access to electronic equipment system.


  • MODBUS based controller monitor
  • MODBUS to TCP/IP bridge.

Motor Control

  • Module to output extremely accurate PWM pulses IAW serial command data.
  • Positioning unit using analog feedback, and PWM control of positioning motor. User LED display and various control inputs (F/W only).
  • Controller with a PWM output based on several analog inputs.

PC Software

  • PC Software to collect, log and graph power line data.

Power/Signal Monitoring

  • Analog voltage to 4-20m current loop output converter.
  • Battery life testing unit
  • High accuracy 4-20m to digital converter.
  • Industrial high precision capacitance detector with LCD display (F/W only).
  • Industrial voltage monitor with a custom LCD display and user programmable alarm settings (F/W Only).
  • Light ballast controller (via PWM) and temperature monitor with EEPROM logging.
  • Ultra-low power industrial monitor with real-time clock and user programmable alarm conditions over a serial interface.
  • Modules that read an analog voltage, transmit them digitally and recreates the voltage.
  • Power control module with USB interface.


  • High speed RF scanner to survey and characterize frequency usage and tie the data to GPS position for both real-time data display and off-line detailed analysis. Includes extensive PC software including mapping.
  • Various Remote Control Projects
  • Zigbee Network Projects


  • RFID access control
  • Smart card duplicator

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