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Over 20 Years of Embedded Development

Embedded computer systems has been our passion since 1992. We were first to release a C compiler for the PIC® MCU, after switching internally from the 8051, and have been a leading development tool supplier for PIC® MCU technology ever since. Our engineers take on projects that use the latest PIC® MCU technologies available.

PIC® MCU Development Tools

As a software compiler developer we have a unique position in the marketplace:

  • CCS develops tools exclusively for the Microchip PIC® MCU. We do not produce a watered down product that is available for dozens of chip manufactures.
  • The C compiler was designed from the bottom up around the special architecture of the PIC® MCU. We intentionally do not try to shoe-horn an existing compiler engine into simply working for a PIC® MCU.
  • CCS makes powerful features available for even the smallest devices.
  • We deliver tools that do not force our users into buying bigger, and more expensive, chips every time you want to do something more advanced.
  • Our embedded engineers, on staff, develop the compiler and use it to produce real world applications.
  • We produce products that do work in the real world as opposed to products that should theoretically work.
  • CCS supplies tools that do not require an in depth knowledge of the PIC® MCU internals.

We are committed to producing a compiler that is easy to use for Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers and hobbyists alike. The emphasis is on using the rich set of built-in functions that operate across all PIC® MCU families.

Engineering Services

CCS is a leading provider of electronic engineering services for embedded software development, R&D support, hardware design, and custom electronic products for customers looking to how to make their idea into a reality. We have delivered over 500 custom embedded design projects in C using a Microchip PIC® MCU device. Our embedded engineers utilize a fully staffed electronics lab for software, firmware, hardware, prototype assembly and diagnostics projects.

  • Design & Full Testing Facilities
  • Prototyping Capabilities
  • Complete Software & Hardware Design
  • Small Production-run Capabilities

West Mountain Radio

West Mountain Radio, a CCS wholly owned subsidiary, specializes in products for amateur radio and DC power distribution and control. By incorporating PIC® MCU devices into our product design we can remain focused on our core aptitude. West Mountain Radio manufactures RIGrunner DC power strips, voltage monitors and tools, precision battery analysis hardware and software, and RIGblaster sound card interfaces for amateur radio digital mode communication. Products are designed, tested and used by ham radio operators onsite.

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