PCM Command-line C Compiler for Microchip
PIC10/12/14/16 Devices

PCM Command-line C Compiler for Microchip PIC10/12/14/16 Devices
This is a command-line compiler.
PIC10, PIC12, PIC14, PIC16
14-bit Instructions
8-bit PIC® MCU

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PCM Software (Windows)#52111-41
PCM Software (Linux)#52111-329

PCM Command-line C Compiler for Microchip PIC® MCUs offers pro-level optimization and includes an extensive library of built-in functions, pre-processor commands, and ready-to-run example programs to quickly jump-start any project. All compilers allow 1, 8, 16 and 32-bit Integer Types, 32-bit Floating Point, Bit Arrays and Fixed Point Decimal. Use assembly code to reference C variables or insert at any location of your program. Command-line compilers may be run from a DOS prompt or be integrated into MPLAB®, MPLAB® X IDE or other Microchip Third Party environments.

PCM Command-line C Compiler Advantages:
  • Easily migrate between all Microchip PIC® MCUs devices
  • Minimize development time with: peripheral drivers and standard C constructs
  • C++ style input/output streams with full data formatting to any device or for strings
  • Use CCS libraries and object code royalty free
  • Convenient functions like #bit and #byte allow C variables to be placed at absolute addresses
  • The integral one-bit type (Short Int) permits the compiler to generate very efficient Bit-oriented code
  • Additional Compiler Details

CCS compilers are easy to use and quick to learn. For the less experienced programmer, a detailed textbook explaining the C language and how it may be applied to PIC® microcontrollers.

PCM includes a comprehensive Help File to reference while you work without losing valuable time, free limited-time* maintenance, and free tech-support for the life of the product. (Additional 1 year product maintenance available upon purchase) *Maintenance Details

For more information on a popular chip within this device family, please view the PIC16F1936 Datasheet.

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