Multiple User License Policy

Monday 24 April, 2006

CCS offers volume licensing with the Multiple User Licenses. This allows companies who have multiple users working on the same project, each requiring his or her own C Compiler, to save money on software.

One Multiple User License will license one additional user or computer, in addition to the original compiler.

Certain restrictions apply. Please click here for the complete policy.

810 MIPS Multi-Processor Demonstration

Saturday 01 April, 2006

CCS is showcasing a design of 81 cooperating PIC18F8525 chips at the Microchip MASTERs Conference in Chandler, AZ at the end of July. The cubes are designed to be modular and communicate on a serial bus at 810 MIPS. This display has been updated since Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose to include new graphic imagery and The Game of Life.

Click here for more information.

Buy CCS C Compilers on MicrochipDirect!

Wednesday 22 March, 2006

CCS is very pleased to offer the complete line of our C Compilers for purchase on MicrochipDirect. We hope to expand the list of stocked items over the next few months, so check back to this page for updates.

Please visit:

CCS in April Circuit Cellar

Wednesday 22 March, 2006

Jean Paul Talledo used the CCS C Compiler and PIC® MCU microcontrollers to construct a data acquisition system for mobile applications. Jean's wireless sensor network and position-tracking system can be used to monitor a vehicle's acceleration, temperature, and more. Accumulated data is then relayed to an Internet database server.

Review the April issue of Circuit Cellar magazine to read the full story, entitled "Data Acquisition for Mobile Applications."

Microchip's Consultant Program

Wednesday 22 March, 2006

Microchip created the Microchip Technology Consultant Program to assist with customer designs using PIC® MCU microcontrollers and other Microchip digital signal controls, analog ICs, and serial EEPROMs. To meet the growing market demand for embedded systems design and electronics design expertise, companies rely on Microchip Consultants to provide technical solutions and support.

Members of the Authorized Consultant Program must participate in a rigorous interview process, meet several design qualifications, and maintain a standard of quality and excellence while utilizing products from Microchip.

Are you an Authorized Consultant? Please contact Microchip to see if you qualify for a discount on CCS products. For a list of all Authorized Microchip Consultants, visit

Contact CCS, Inc. about our own engineering services:

Embedded Ethernet Board

Friday 17 February, 2006

CCS has designed a new prototyping board focused on the new Ethernet chip from Microchip, the ENC28J60. The ENC28J60 is an SPI controlled, 10Mbit/sec, full duplex Ethernet transceiver IC. The Embedded Ethernet prototyping board includes many features our customers have come to love from our other development boards: a potentiometer, a push-button, 3 user-controlled LEDs, an RS232 level converter and a header for easy access to all I/O on the included PIC18F4520. It also has a LCD, a serial EEPROM, and a MMC/SD card reader. Support, such as drivers and example TCP/IP code for the ENC28J60, is available to CCS customers using the CCS C Compiler.

Please email to request the drivers and code for ENC28J60.

NEW PIC12F683 Prototyping Board

Friday 17 February, 2006

CCS is proud to support the PIC12F683 from Microchip. Our new prototyping board will replace the PIC12F675 and be pin-for-pin compatible. The new PIC12F683 board features the 8 pin PIC12F683 chip and its ICD version that supports debugging. This Low Pin-count (8) PIC® Flash microcontroller offers on-chip EEPROM Data Memory, nanoWatt Technology, an analog comparator module with a single comparator, and a programmable on-chip voltage reference. This chip also comes with a Precision internal oscillator, software selectable BOR, and extended WDT.

These boards will be available in a Development kit (with or without software) and as a board-only kit.
Order Now!

8-Bit Embedded Resource Catalog

Friday 17 February, 2006

Check out CCS in the the latest 8-Bit Embedded Resource Catalog by Extension Media. This is the third year in a row that CCS has participated in this publication, along with Microchip. Please visit their website to view the publication if you are not on their mailing list:

Email Notifications from CCS

Thursday 15 December, 2005

CCS offers several mailing lists to keep you up to date on CCS news and software.

Receive an email notification when:

  1. A new version of the CCS C Compiler has been released
  2. The News page is updated
  3. dsPIC® news is available
  4. dsPIC® support is available
  5. Your current maintenance contract is nearing expiration

To subscribe or unsubscribe from Email List options #1-4 please click here.

To receive notification when your maintenance is about to expiring, please send an email. Please provide your customer number or reference number if you have it. We will be happy to add you.

CCS C Compiler to Power Microchip Seminar

Friday 11 November, 2005

Starting the week of December 5, 2005, Microchip will be hosting a workshop series about power supply design. Engineers may attend and learn how to incorporate microcontrollers in their designs. They will learn about interfacing traditional analog power supply designs with microcontrollers and the advantages of digital monitoring and control within a design.

Microchip chose the CCS C Compiler "due to its ease of use and convenient built-in functions." Also, because Microchip feels it is less complicated and confusing than other C Compilers, attendees will be able to "concentrate on the concepts and less on the syntax of C."

CCS is delighted to grow our relationship with Microchip by supplying the compilers for the entire series of workshops.

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