Code Optimizing C Compilers for Microchip PIC® and dsPIC® DSCs

Key Compiler Features:

Easily migrate between all Microchip PIC® MCUs devices
Minimize development time with: peripheral drivers and standard C constructs
C++ style input/output streams with full data formatting to any device or for strings
Use CCS libraries and object code royalty free
Convenient functions like #bit and #byte allow C variables to be placed at absolute addresses
The integral one-bit type (Short Int) permits the compiler to generate very efficient Bit-oriented code
Easily define, set-up and manage interrupts
Additional Compiler Details

Key C-Aware IDE Features:

EZ App Lynx Library - Quickly create a Bluetooth® wireless sensor, managed on a mobile device
Pro-Level Optimization - Optimized code brings lower production costs
C Profiler Tool - Track time and usage information for use on functions, code blocks, as well as receiving live data from running programs
Project Wizards - Jump start many project peripherals including USB and TCP/IP
Debugger Watch Items - Allow for easy tracking of program data using a C syntax
Data Streaming - Route program I/O to a PC using an ICD
Code Metrics - Provides well known measures of program complexity, size and maintainability
Help File - Comprehensive and easily accessible Help File with quick Help "pop-up" feature
97% ANSI C Compliant - ANSI C standard requirements implemented
Additional IDE Details

Command Line Compilers
PCB for PIC10/12/16
PCM for PIC10/12/14/16
PCH for PIC18
PCD for PIC24