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Add USB Master Functionality To An Embedded System...For $70

Monday 22 September, 2008

Introducing the USB Master Prototyping Board! Developers can now add USB Master functionality to an embedded system without the need of detailed knowledge of USB protocol.

The new prototyping board hosts a Vinculum VNC1L chip that allows for a microcontroller to interface with USB devices as the master bus. The on-board PIC18F67J10 device communicates directly with the VNC1L chip through a series of commands. The user can communicate directly with the VNC1L chip through the RS232 port and DOS-like commands control the VNC1L chip or USB peripheral devices.

The board is loaded with a general purpose Vinculum VDAP (Vinculum Disks and Peripherals) firmware. Exercises and examples include: Reading and writing to a Bulk Only Mass Storage (i.e. USB Flash Stick) device, responding to keyboard strokes and interfacing with HID devices such as a printer.

To learn more about the USB Master Development Kit and a listing of provided VNC1L firmware standard with the kit, go to:

For a limited time, get a FREE USB Flash Drive with your USB Master Development Kit order!

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