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Hello PIC16F887 MCUs- goodbye PIC16F877A!

Thursday 17 April, 2008

Microchip Recommends the PIC16F887 MCUs for all New Designs!

Thinking about using a PIC16F877A? Well you may want to re-think that decision and use the PIC16F887 instead. Microchip recommends that all new designs use the new PIC16F887 in place of the PIC16F877A MCU. CCS has designed new development tools to support the PIC16F887, including a prototyping board and support for the chip in the latest version of the compiler. The PIC16F887 features are almost identical to its cousin the PIC16F877A, with the exception of additional pins that can be used for analog applications on the PIC16F887 and 14 channels of 10-bit(A/D) converter. An Internal Oscillator is also present on the PIC16F887. Users will be able to execute similar PIC16F877A applications on the new PIC16887 prototyping board.

Don't wait...switch now! The PIC16F887 prototyping board can be purchased in development kit format or as board only starting at $40. Check out what we have to offer at