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Program and Debug with Multiple ICD Units

Friday 02 November, 2007

CCS has implemented the ability to use multiple ICD units on the same PC. This allows you program or debug different target devices in separate projects without needing to close out of any files.

How to Do It with PCW:

  • Need two ICD units and target devices.

  • To run two PCWs → use the command-line option force_new

    c:ProgramFilesPICCpcw → will open the first PCW

    c:ProgramFilesPICCpcw+force_new → will open the second PCW

  • The USB port used by each target device will be visible in the Debug Configure tab within the Advanced Debugger under “port”. You can select which ICD the Debugger should talk to using this setting.

    How to Use with ICD Control Panels:
  • Need two ICD units and target devices

  • Open two ICD control panels by running the executable from your desktop.

  • At the start-up, the USB port will automatically be assigned for each ICD unit. You can then go the “Configure Port” button the control panel to switch ports.

    For additional assistance, please contact Tech Support at or via
    telephone at 262-522-6500 x32.

    If you need an additional ICD unit, click here.