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Introducing 3.3V Ethernet Controller Development Tools

Wednesday 03 October, 2007

If you enjoy developing embedded ethernet applications, then you will find the latest addition to the CCS development tools fascinating. The 3.3V Ethernet Controller Prototyping Board and 3.3V Ethernet Controller Development Kit focus on the PIC18F67J60 chip from Microchip. The PIC18J-series of chips from Microchip offer more memory, an operating voltage of 2.0 to 3.6 volts and are 10Base-T (10 Mbps) compliant. The processor is also capable of running at speeds up to 40Mhz at 3V. The PIC18F67J60 is an SPI controlled 10 Mbit/Sec, full duplex Ethernet transceiver IC.

The 3.3V Ethernet Controller Prototyping Board utilizes one PIC18F7J60 chip with built-in Ethernet capability; allowing for simplified designs, cost and component reduction. The prototyping board also features a durable multi-media SD card reader. The 3.3V Ethernet Controller Prototyping Board is affordably priced at $89 and Development Kits start at $149.

Note: The Embedded Ethernet Prototyping Board is for 5V applications.

The 3.3V Ethernet Controller Prototyping Board includes:

  • PIC18F67J60 (RAM 3808 Bytes, Flash 128K)

  • 40 Mhz Clock to run at 10 MIPs

  • Serial EEPROM (32 Kb)

  • Multi-media SD Card Reader

  • RS-232 port and RS-232 level converter

  • One Potentiometer

  • One Pushbutton

  • Three LEDs

  • ICD Jack

  • All logic 3.3V from an AC Adapter or 9V Battery

  • I/O Jumper Block with 20 Accessible Pins

  • 10-BaseT Ethernet Jack

  • The 3.3V Ethernet Controller Development Kit includes Prototyping Board, In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer, carrying case, cables, DC Adapter (9VDC), exercise book and CD of Drivers. The exercise book includes a TCP/IP tutorial and step-by-step instructions to implement embedded Ethernet programs. Example programs include complete web server, email generator and SD card read/write.

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