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New CCS C Compiler For PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC®

Tuesday 24 July, 2007

CCS has done it again! The PCD is a low cost, quality 24-bit C Compiler for PIC24 MCUs & dsPIC® DSCs. PCD is in the fundamental development period and is now available for sale at PCD is offered as a command-line compiler $250, an add-on to an existing PCWH compiler $150, a stand-alone IDE compiler $350, and as a full-version PCWHD compiler $575. Purchase PCD now through September 15, 2007 and get one year of download rights. Must be on active maintenance to purchase upgrade or add-on.

The compiler includes peripheral libraries for: SPI, I2C, UART, RTC, Input Capture and PWMs. PCD includes new Built-in Functions and examples aid in getting a project started.

CCS will also be offering prototyping boards to aid in PIC24 MCU and dsPIC® DSC development. Now available is the DSP Starter Development Kit featuring a dsPIC30F2010 prototyping board. The DSP Starter Development Kit is a general purpose development board including a potentiometer, a pushbutton, three LEDs, and RS-232 level Converter, an ICD connector and header to access the dsPIC30F2010 chip. CCS will also offer two PIC24 Development Kits and DSP Analog/Audio Development Kits by the end of the year. The DSP Analog/Audio board will demonstrate the DSP features of the dsPIC® by providing an example audio conditioning board. Kits maybe purchased with a PCD compiler or as a board-only option.

To learn more about the PCD Compiler and development tools, please visit for pricing or contact sales at (262) 522-6500, ext. 35.