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Ember & CCS Introduce ZigBee Development Tools

Friday 01 June, 2007

Ember, a ZigBee™ Alliance member, and CCS are excited to announce the launch of the CCS Development Kit for Wireless applications in conjunction with Microchip PIC® devices. This low cost development platform includes the Ember EM260 ZigBee™ network co-processor and the EmberZnet ZigBee™ stack on CCS prototyping boards to be used with the CCS C Compiler.

The CCS Wireless-Ember ZigBee™ Edition Development Kit enables fast prototyping of ZigBee™ applications. The EM260 integrates an IEEE 802.15.4 radio, a network processor and onboard memory to run a complete ZigBee™ network protocol stack. The EMB260 reduces a product’s size and power consumption with its inexpensive small package size, and twice the wireless range of competitors. For additional information on the Ember EM260 and EmberZnet ZigBee™ stack, click here:

The CCS development kit will be sold for a limited time at the price of $599 and includes:

  • Sink Board (with EM260 module) with the PIC18LF4620

  • 2 Battery Boards (with EM260 modules) with the PIC16LF767

  • CCS PCWH C Compiler

  • In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer

  • Exercise Book

  • Batteries and cables needed

*(CCS will also be separately re-selling the Ember programmer)

Click through for additional information on the CCS development kit.