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Technical Support for the CCS C Compiler

Friday 26 January, 2007

CCS is committed to answering customer concerns and technical issues. Although phone support is always an option, emailing bug reports to Technical Support will ensure quicker responses and fixes to potential bugs. CCS releases a new version of the compiler approximately every 10 days; to ensure that any new devices, drivers or bugs fixes are immediately available to customers.
**Please note that Technical Support does not monitor the forum; and any bug reports on the forum will not be confirmed or submitted for resolution in the next compiler release.

In an effort to make technical support requests even easier, CCS has developed a new feature in the Version IDE compilers called Technical Support wizard that allows users to quickly and easily submit bug reports or requests for assistance. It can be found by clicking on the Help icon at the top-right of the compiler screen. Customers on maintenance will be given higher priority to their technical issue when using this new feature of Version 4.