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Embedded Ethernet Board

Friday 17 February, 2006

CCS has designed a new prototyping board focused on the new Ethernet chip from Microchip, the ENC28J60. The ENC28J60 is an SPI controlled, 10Mbit/sec, full duplex Ethernet transceiver IC. The Embedded Ethernet prototyping board includes many features our customers have come to love from our other development boards: a potentiometer, a push-button, 3 user-controlled LEDs, an RS232 level converter and a header for easy access to all I/O on the included PIC18F4520. It also has a LCD, a serial EEPROM, and a MMC/SD card reader. Support, such as drivers and example TCP/IP code for the ENC28J60, is available to CCS customers using the CCS C Compiler.

Please email to request the drivers and code for ENC28J60.