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NEW PIC12F683 Prototyping Board

Friday 17 February, 2006

CCS is proud to support the PIC12F683 from Microchip. Our new prototyping board will replace the PIC12F675 and be pin-for-pin compatible. The new PIC12F683 board features the 8 pin PIC12F683 chip and its ICD version that supports debugging. This Low Pin-count (8) PIC® Flash microcontroller offers on-chip EEPROM Data Memory, nanoWatt Technology, an analog comparator module with a single comparator, and a programmable on-chip voltage reference. This chip also comes with a Precision internal oscillator, software selectable BOR, and extended WDT.

These boards will be available in a Development kit (with or without software) and as a board-only kit.
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