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EZ Web Lynx

Tuesday 04 October, 2022

CCS sells a simple Ethernet network integration device which can be embedded into any product or into industrial equipment, appropriately named EZ Web Lynx. Essentially it connects products or equipment to an HTML programmable website with no other protocol language skills needed! The website will allow the user to view the equipment status and the user can receive emails from the device. The emails are triggered by changes in the state of the pins, which are configured through the easy-to-use EZ Web Lynx IDE.

EZ Web Lynx is available in either 3.3 or 5 volt, as well as a 3.3V Wi-Fi versions at a very low cost to make implementation to the Ethernet very affordable. EZ Web Lynx enables products and equipment to become Ethernet-ready without having to design a new circuit board which can drastically increase development time.

HTML is the only programming language needed to program the website. However, if you prefer to program in C, the CCS PCH or PCWH compiler is compatible with EZ Web Lynx. To find out more about this product and for detailed pricing please go to