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Where in the World is Waukesha?

Wednesday 22 December, 2021

Just a few short weeks ago, Waukesha, Wisconsin became international news and most of our customers are probably not aware our facility is in Waukesha Wisconsin. Some have been asking about recent events and the city. To the curious, we wanted to share a few words here even though it will not help with your C coding.

Waukesha is just a short distance away from the more known city of Milwaukee, but alike it is named from an Native American word for "fox". Other Native American cities in this area include Pewaukee - the home of professional football player JJ and TJ Watt, Oconomowoc and also in recent news, Kenosha. Waukesha sits atop dozens of natural springs, nicknaming us Spring City. In fact our street address is Spring City Drive.

The one claim to fame the city has used to market itself, is as the home of Les Paul, the first to make an electric guitar. There is a major road renamed to Les Paul Parkway, a middle school was renamed, and there are colorful extra large guitars decorating the city.

Waukesha started out very industrious and within the past few decades, the local community has transitioned to more residential. A fairly sizable city, but with a home town feeling of coffee shops, bike paths and many new retail areas. Waukesha can boast by having 100+ year old Carroll University, as well as a large Missionary college.

So, why is everyone asking where is Waukesha? Just before Thanksgiving this past November, a man drove a red SUV through a annual Holiday Parade. People of all ages were involved and over 50 people were taken to the hospital for varying injuries. Unfortunately, five people died, including one eight-year old child. The driver was in fact, just released out on bail, again, for trying to drive over his girlfriend just the week before. The community came together and people put blue lights on their homes to show support for those that lost ones in this tragedy.

Waukesha has also had some infamous crime, including the two young girls that repeatedly stabbed a third called the "Slender Man Stabbings." Both girls were sent to a mental hospital. One is now out on the way to college and the other is being evaluated every 6 months to figure out when she has been "cured." However, in this case, the victim survived.

When we go to shows and people find out where we are, the ones who have heard of Waukesha often times know the airport as being on the way to Oshkosh (yet another Indian name). Pilots from all over the world come to Oshkosh at the end of July for the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In. This a huge event and makes the airport the busiest airport in the world for one week. This past July we had a booth at the show to show case DC Power and Battery analyzer equipment made by our subsidiary company, West Mountain Radio. This is a spectacular event with over 100,000 visitors a day. You can walk right up to hundreds of all types of planes, watch an air show along the mile long show runway, or even buy a plane. The view of the aircraft parking lot is amazing with uniqueness and ingenuity.

Waukesha may have some good and bad notoriety, but it is still an excellent place to work to provide quality products to our customers. So, where is Waukesha? The question is why not Waukesha?

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