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About CCS: 30 Years in the Making

Wednesday 22 December, 2021

Embedded computer systems has been our passion since 1992. We were first to release a C compiler for the PIC® MCU, after switching internally from the 8051. The C compiler was designed from the bottom up around the special architecture of the PIC® MCU. The PCB compiler supported the original four Microchip parts and the PCM compiler supported the one mid-range part they offered.

Microchip continued to develop new chips with additional features, and so did CCS to support these devices. Now we support over 1000 parts from 12 bit to 24 bit opcodes. We make powerful features available for even the smallest devices. We created unique built-in functions that the user would be able to migrate to new devices with ease and less programming time. We deliver tools that do not force our users into buying bigger, and more expensive, chips every time you want to do something more advanced.

As a software compiler developer we have a unique position in the marketplace for hardware development tools that work seamlessly with the IDE compiler. CCS develops tools exclusively for the Microchip PIC® MCU. We do not produce a watered down product that is available for dozens of chip manufactures. We intentionally do not try to shoe-horn an existing compiler engine into simply working for a PIC® MCU.

CCS has a team of embedded engineers that develop the compiler and use it to produce real world applications in custom projects. We produce products that do work in the real world as opposed to products that should theoretically work. Our custom customers are on the cutting edge and need us to be ready for new protocols. This also improves the compiler so we can support these new technologies and have built-in functions and examples for our customers. We are committed to producing a compiler that is easy to use for Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers and hobbyists alike. The emphasis is on using the rich set of built-in functions that operate across all PIC® MCU families.

Approximately 11 years ago, CCS took on another endeavor, in purchasing a company in the Amateur Radio field, called West Mountain Radio. This brand focused on radio accessories including interface units from the radio to a PC. CCS was able to augment some brilliant and very popular analog designs with microprocessors (PIC® MCU's of course) to take the product lines to the next level. For example CCS took a simple power distribution unit and added internet conductivity so the power distribution could be monitored and controlled from any web browser in the world.

As a company we continue to fully support and update the product lines from both companies. We appreciate all of our supportive customers and are always willing to listen to feedback.

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About CCS:

CCS is a leading worldwide supplier of embedded software development tools that enable companies to develop premium products based on Microchip PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC devices. Complete proven tool chains from CCS include a code optimizing C compiler, application specific hardware platforms and software development kits. CCS' products accelerate development of energy saving industrial automation, wireless and wired communication, automotive, medical device and consumer product applications. Established in 1992, CCS is a Microchip Premier 3rd Party Partner. For more information, please visit

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