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Tech Note: Identifier Explorer Compiler Feature

Tuesday 15 September, 2020

All Globals:
Here we can see all the functions and global variables in the program. Click on any one to get a cross-reference.

On the left side are all the #defines in the program and the blue shows how they are defined. On the right is a play area where you can type in a macro and it will show you how it is evaluated. For example if you typed FLASH_XFER(4) then it would show you: spi_xfer(LCDFLASH,4). This can be very helpful with complex and/or nested macros.

Here for each file it will show you the global variables and functions from that file. Clicking on the file moves to that file and clicking on a global or function brings up the cross-reference for that item.

This is the cross reference for the functions. Click on a function and you can see the global variables it uses, local variables it defines and functions it calls.

Global Var:
Click on a global variable name and it shows you each function that uses it and each file that has one of those functions in it.

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