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New EZ App Lynx Library: Easily create smart Bluetooth® Sensors for Mobile Devices!

Thursday 04 December, 2014

CCS C-Aware IDE now includes the EZ App Lynx library (#include <EZApp.c>). Quickly create a Bluetooth® wireless sensor, or controller, that may be viewed or managed on a paired mobile device - using the EZ App Lynx Android App. The free EZ App Lynx Library was created to shorten the design time for smart Bluetooth® app development. With EZ App Lynx, and no required hardware or software expertise, the library removes the barriers to entry for smartphone app developers who want to take advantage of a growing number of Bluetooth® enabled smartphones and tablets. The new library allows for any GUI, on the App, to be created at run time from a PIC® program. The library offers many useful sensor interface components which allow for: Status Bars, Gas Gauges, Sliders, Buttons, Text Fields, and More...

EZ App Lynx Library Features and Advantages:

  • NO App design knowledge required
  • Source code libraries included with all CCS C Compilers
  • Included with maintenance update download

EZ App Lynx App:
  • Available for Android in Google Play Store. (iOS available soon)
  • Build your own EZ App Lynx App in minutes with simple C library calls on the PIC®
  • Quick and easy prototyping

How It Works:

To make use of the EZ App Lynx library and app you'll need a prototyping board with PIC® MCU and a Bluetooth® module with SPP - both sold separately. Attach the module to board, and from within the IDE insert the following example code:
#include "main.h"

#include <EZApp.c>

void main(void)
ezapp_field_index_t strIndex, rpmIndex, damperIndex, fan1Index, fan2Index;
rom char* title = "Air Handler Unit 3269";




EZAppSetValueStringROM(EZAppAddFieldString(), title);

strIndex = EZAppAddFieldString();

rpmIndex = EZAppAddFieldAnalogValue(
(rom char *)"RPM X 1000", //header
1024, //max value
9 //scaling

damperIndex = EZAppAddFieldAnalogValue(
(rom char *)"DAMPER", //header
1023 //max value

fan1Index = EZAppAddFieldButtonTwoState(
(rom char*)"Fan 1", //header
(rom char*)"Off\tOn" //strings that go in button

fan2Index = EZAppAddFieldButtonTwoState(
(rom char*)"Fan 2", //header
(rom char*)"Off\tOn" //strings that go in button


if (IsFailure())
EZAppSetValueStringROM(strIndex, (rom char*)"Operation: Failure");
EZAppSetValueStringROM(strIndex, (rom char*)"Operation: Normal");

EZAppSetValue(rpmIndex, read_adc());

if (EZAppGetKbhit(damperIndex))

if (EZAppGetKbhit(fan1Index))

if (EZAppGetKbhit(fan2Index))
The new EZ App Lynx Library is included for all new or existing IDE customers. To update your IDE Compiler to the latest version and receive the EZ App Lynx Library click here. To upgrade to a C-Aware IDE compiler click here or call sales. The EZ App Lynx can be used as a reference design and development platform for a variety of smart Bluetooth® sensors. So get started on your Bluetooth® app development today!

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