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New Feature: scanf() for Inputting Strings and Parsing

Wednesday 02 October, 2013

The CCS C Compiler's latest version supports a new function, scanf(). The scanf() function allows inputting a formatted string over the RS232 and parsing the received string into specified variables. For example the following will input the string "Name: CCS Time: 18430 Count: 58437" and store the received name in an array, the received time in an unsigned int32 variable and the received count in an unsigned int16 variable:

#include <18F45K22.h>
#fuses NOWDT
#use delay(internal=32MHz)
#use rs232(UART1,baud=9600,receive_buffer=100)

void main()
char name[10];
unsigned int32 time;
unsigned int16 count;


scanf(" Name: %s Time: %lu Count: %lu",name, &time, &count);

if(count > 0)
printf("rnCount %lu - Name: %s, Time: %lu",count, name, time);

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