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The Code Optimizer, has just been released!

Monday 10 June, 2013

CCS, Inc. CCSC Version 5 with all of its new features and enhancements has just been released! Version 5 is the first release to include a very aggressive code optimizer, optimizing for space instead of speed. The new optimizer is able to search the entire compiled program to find repeating blocks of code whereby reducing all those repeating blocks into one shared sub-routine. Optimizer is executed during the final phase of the compile which presents the ability to cross a unit boundary when performing the optimization.

#opt compress: This new optimization level can be achieved by adding this line of code into your project.

The average size reduction of program memory is approximately 15%. In some cases we have seen program memory reduced by 60%. Provided below are examples of compression levels:

Optimization Level EfficiencyCompiler Versions 
File / Processor(Program Memory Bytes)Reduction %
PIC18F4550 + ENC28J60
This new optimization level is supported on Enhanced PIC16 and PIC18 microcontrollers.

In the continuing evolution of new Version 5 we have added improved standardization and developed to follow conventional C standards:
  • The .h file for specific PIC® MCU are now prototyped. Now included are prototypes of the compiler's built-in functions and data-types. This is useful for programmers using tools that would have flagged the compiler's built-in functions and data-types with an error because they were not defined.
  • A new command-line parameter: sourceline. This now has been added to inject a C source-line into the file being compiled. Usage example:ccsc.exe +FH myfile.c sourceline="#device PIC16F887"
  • Standard C libraries iso646.h and stdbool.h have been added.

Version 5 also includes the following new capabilities: Multiple Compiler Versions, Project Notes, Identifier Explorer, Files Navigation Panel, File History, Show in Explorer, Save to Notes, Mouse-over Watch, Drag and drop "watch items", plus many more. For more information on all of the Version 5 enhancements and new features please visit:

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