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Tips for CCS Compatibility for Vista/Windows 7/Beta Windows 8

Tuesday 19 June, 2012

Are you having compatibility issues with your CCS C Compiler and your computer? CCS can help you pinpoint where the issue is and give you solutions!

Although the CCS C Compiler (v4.100 and newer) is fully compatible with newer operating systems, exercise caution during installation. We recommend use of the install program to install the compiler while logged on as an administrator. We also suggest that you DO NOT copy-paste files from one installation to another, as these operating systems recognize installation programs and create paths for proper installation.

Use the Windows drag and drop to copy new registration files to the PICC directory. Email and other file management programs may cause the operating system to create a shadow copy of the file, rather than copying the file to the requested location. To ensure the files are where you want them, verify the following directory is empty:

     %LOCALAPPDATA%virtualstoreprogram files (x86)PICC
       **(x86) may or may not be in your directory name**

This directory must always be empty for the CCS C Compiler to perform correctly, as the compiler and all of CCS's development tools are tagged as being Windows 7 class programs. Keep all sources and include files in a directory under C:USERS. The installation program will create a project directory for you in a safe location on the PC.

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