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CCS Supports EP Devices

Monday 30 January, 2012

CCS is now supporting the new Microchip PIC24/dsPIC family of EP Devices! Use the compiler to access several key benefits of an EP device.

The EP Devices we currently support operate at 60 MIPS, regular chips operate at 40 MIPS. They have a max regular program memory of 536 KB, while regular chips have a max regular program memory of 256 KB. They also have a max regular of 53 KB RAM, and regular chips have a max regular of 30 KB.

CCS now suports:

- PIC24EP256GU810
- PIC24EP256GU814
- PIC24EP512GU810
- PIC24EP512GU814
- DSPIC33EP256MU806
- DSPIC33EP256MU810
- DSPIC33EP256MU814
- DSPIC33EP512MU810
- DSPIC33EP512MU814

In a nutshell these EP devices are much faster and have: more Program Memory, more RAM, more ADC Channels, more Input Capture Modules, more Output Compare Modules, more SPI Modules, more DMA Channels, and more Motor Control PWM Channels.

Don't forget that these devices still have 9 16-bit timers, 4 UART modules, 2 ECAN modules, 5 external interrupts, a DCI modules, a CRC Generator, 2 QEI modules (for dsPIC33EP only), and USP peripherals. Debugging is not yet supported for EP chips.

All CCS Programmers and CCSload also support this family. Visit to view all CCS products.