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BUY NOW!! Prices and Product Configurations Will Be Changing

Monday 12 September, 2011

If you were holding out on buying that Development Kit, Programmer/Debugger or even upgrading your Compiler, now is the time to purchase! Beginning September 15, 2011, CCS will be implementing some product configuration or price changes to accommodate our goal to provide low-cost development tools. Due to an increase in materials cost, some products may increase in cost, while other products may not.

Software prices will not change in 2011. . . .but all software purchased after September 16, 2011 (5:00 pm CST) will no longer include a CD-rom and Compiler manual(s). Any customer that requires a hard copy and manual of the software may purchase this at an additional fee of $15 and will need to pay shipping. CCS allows and recommends customers to archive their software that is downloaded from our website on a back-up drive or CD-rom at their disposal. The latest CCS C Compiler Manuals are also available in PDF to download.

Between September 15 and December 31, 2011, you will notice prices changing on many of the Development Tools, including boards and programmers. The quality of the Development Tools will remain the same, and supporting documentation will be included. CCS continuously strives to provide competitively low-priced tools to all levels of developers.

Prices are subject to change at our discretion and we will only honor special pricing if part of a promotion with a valid discount code that is within the expiration period of that promotion.