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Programmer Diagnostics Webinar Series Launched at CCS

Monday 06 June, 2011

CCS, Inc. today announced the addition of a new development tools webinar series focusing on programmer diagnostics on its corporate website. This series enables viewers to learn from CCS embedded development engineers how to quickly resolve programming issues when using CCS development tools and Microchip PIC® MCU and dsPIC® digital signal controller devices.

Organized by programming failure mode, engineers can quickly learn how to resolve programming issues themselves without contacting CCS technical support. Each webinar begins by addressing the most common and easiest to diagnose issues before moving on to more complex scenarios. Currently, there are three training webinars in the series.

- Unable to Detect USB Connected Programmer
- Unable to Detect Serial Connected Programmer
- Unable to Detect Target

The first two webinars address how to eliminate USB and serial port communication failures between the host PC and programmer. In the third webinar, engineers will be shown how to use the diagnostic utilities built into the CCSLoad programmer software to resolve hardware and hookup problems on their boards. These utilities can be used to verify proper power chip voltage levels during programming. They also facilitate the debugging of ICSP circuits by driving constant signals or pulse trains on programming pins so they can be checked with voltmeters and/or oscilloscopes. Varying in length from 4 to 6 minutes, they will provide just the right level of detail to enable engineers and technicians to learn what’s needed to accomplish the task at hand, in the shortest time possible.

To view the webinars, go to

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