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CCS at Microchip Masters 2011

Tuesday 31 May, 2011

CCS will be presenting the class, "Using the CCS C Compiler for Rapid Development of Microcontroller Applications" at Masters 2011. This hands-on class will instruct users in the most productive use of the CCS optimizing C compiler for all Microchip microcontrollers. Topics to be covered will include:

- Techniques for code reuse and easy migration to new chips

- CCS's API for controlling Microchip PIC® MCU peripherals

- Easily implementing serial I/O (asynchronous, SPI, I2CTM) on any GPIO pin

The hands on portion of the class will use the CCS compiler to allow attendees to see how quick and easy it is to develop applications from scratch. Also during the hands-on portion, attendees will learn the use of the CCS IDE wizards, programming concepts and advanced debugging techniques using the CCS C-Aware real time debugger.

This technical level 4 class will be offered twice at this year's Masters - Wednesday, 8/24 and Thursday 8/25, 1:15pm to 5:15pm on both days. Be sure to add class "1526 CCS" to your schedule. CCS will also be showing our newest WiFi based products in our booth. We hope to see you there.

MPLAB® ICD 2, dsPIC® DSC and PIC®MCU are registered trade marks of Microchip Technology Inc in the U.S.A and other countries.

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