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Capacitive Touch technology is the buzz around Microchip and CCS

Tuesday 11 August, 2009

MASTERs 2009 conference was buzzing with information and demonstrations of the new generation of Enhanced Mid-Range Family of PIC16 devices that include mTouch™Sensing technology. CCS previewed our NEW Capacitive Touch Development Board and compiler libraries in a fun hands-on application.

The CCS Capacitive Touch board uses the new PIC16LF727 device for creating human touch applications and utilizing contact sensitive hardware. Instead of using mechanical switches or buttons that can break, the Capacitive Touch pads are activated by placing a human finger over the pad and the user's natural electrical properties generate the needed response or change.

Cut development time by utilizing specific Capacitive Touch functions built into the CCS C Compiler. The #USE TOUCH_PAD library reduces roughly 500 lines of assembly to 1 line of C code! A full version of the CCS C Compiler is available with the development kit.

The CCS Exercise tutorial contains 14 example programs that step the user through Capacitive Touch applications. Use the16 on-board programmable capacitive pads and LCD to quickly develop "touch" applications. In addition, the board is equipped with *Tag Connect footprint for ICSP™ programming and a ICD-U64 that can be used with all Flash-supported PIC®MCU devices.

For additional information or to order today, go to:

* Tag Connect Cable sold separately
mTouch is a registered trademark of Microchip Technology, Inc. in the USA and in other countries.