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NEW ICD-U64 only $75 for Fast as Lighting Programming

Monday 06 April, 2009

Complete In-Circuit Programming and Debugging with the new ICD-U64 for Microchip PIC®MCU and dsPIC®DSC devices. The ICD-U64 is faster than the ICD-U40 and will soon replace it.

  • Integrates with the CCS C Aware Real-Time Debugger.
    The C Aware Real-Time Debugger is robust and integrated with the PCW, PCWH and PCWHD Compilers and provides very detailed debugging information at the C level.

  • Is supported by the new and improved CCSLOAD, programmer control software and offers many new key features including; powerful command line options in Windows/Linux, extensive diagnostics, easy to use production interface, and enhanced security options.

  • Can be paired with Tag-Connect, a cost saving production ICSP Programming cable that eliminate the need for a ICSP connector on your product. Tag Connect provides a direct pin-to-circuit connection, saving space on your PCB. The modular end works with existing ICD programmers as well as the ICD-U64.

  • ICD-U64 available April 13th, 2009
    All these features and capabilities for the same low price of $75!

Coming soon!
Special debugging capabilities for Enhanced Mid-Rang PIC16 devices

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