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CCSLOAD, the Programmer Control Software, is now out of beta!

Tuesday 17 March, 2009

A new look and features have been incorporated in CCSLOAD to make programming a breeze. Key features include enhanced program security, improved diagnostics, and a new production interface.

Enhanced security options enable file wide CRC checking, failed chips to be erased and the ability to verify protected code so that it cannot be read after programming. Extensive diagnostics now allow each target pin connection to be individually tested. The PC driver tests aid in identifying specific driver installation problems.

CCSLOAD has a modern straightforward production interface. Simply point, click and program! Additions to HEX file organization include associating comments or a graphic image to a file to better ensure proper file selection for programming. Audio cues now indicate the success of your program load. The hands-free mode auto programs each time a new target is connected, allowing for quick programming in a production environment.

All CCS device programmers are supported including; ICD-U40, ICD-S40, Mach-X, Load-n-Go, and PRIME8. CCSLOAD stand-alone software can be used by PCW customers wanting to program with Microchip MPLAB®ICD 2, MPLAB®ICD 3 or MPLAB®REAL ICEprogrammers.

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