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New and Improved CCS Programmer Control Software!

Monday 26 January, 2009

A beta version of CCSLOAD, the programmer control software, is ready to try! Now supports all CCS device programmers including; ICD-U40, ICD-S40, Mach-X, Load-n-Go, and PRIME8.

CCSLOAD features better support for multiple device programmers on the same PC, new hands-free mode in the production programming window, more descriptive error messages and diagnostics that enable extensive checking of hex files, programmers, and targets to identify problems and much more!

There are three styles of the program available for download; each built to cater to specific customer needs- you pick the program that best fits your application!

1.CCSLOAD.EXE may be used as a Windows GUI program or as a command-line operated program with pop-up windows
2.CCSLOADER.EXE a command-line only version of the program (no pop-up windows)
3.ccsloader.exe for our Linux customers

Beta available for download at

To learn more about CCSLOAD click here