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CCS Supports New Enhancements to Mid-range PIC®MCU

Tuesday 04 November, 2008

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced an enhancement to the microcontroller (MCU) architecture in the Mid-range 8-bit Family.  CCS has already been working on the support for the new family.  The PCM command-line and PCW IDE compilers beginning with version 4.100 will have support for the new architecture.


Fundamental compiler enhancements include reduced system functions being in-lined with the 16 level call stack, using the more efficient MOVLP for page switches, built-in functions for enhanced peripherals, automatic translation for old or hard-coded address to use newly assigned SFR registers, and using the two FSRs for a reduction in the number of instructions.  Substantial improvements on Constant String allows for access of ROM in the normal RAM address space, no special handling at the C level for Pointers to ROM to be interchanged with RAM pointers, and no limit on constant data structure size.


In an effort to best support the new architecture, CCS has made all the string functions as Built-Ins, to maximize the optimization.  This has inspired us to also extend some of this optimization to all 14 & 16-bit devices.  Beginning with version 4.100, all string operations will be more flexible (mixing ROM and RAM) and efficient.


Adding even more value to the IDE compilers, CCS is including a new Menu Manager.  This allows for the creation of character LCD or segmented LCD menu systems at the PC.  C code is then generated as an include file for your project.


Advanced debugging support for the new capabilities in these parts will be in the IDE compilers.  The CCS ICDs, MachX, Load-n-Go and PRIME8 programmers will also support the Enhanced Mid-range devices.

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