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DsPIC®DSC Development Kit for Audio Applications

Friday 24 October, 2008

Introducing the latest hardware addition to the CCS dsPIC®DSC tool offerings.....the DSP Analog Development Kit. The DSP Analog prototyping board demonstrates the DSP features of the dsPIC33FJ128GP706 on an audio conditioning board. The Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23B Audio Codec allows the user to sample microphone inputs and produce digital signal outputs. The TLV320AIC23B permits sample rates up to 96kHz and the dsPIC®DSC running at 40 MIPS renders plenty of horse power for user applications.

The board includes an on-board 32K external EEPROM and SD card for expandable memory. External memory allows the user to store audio files and configuration data. Exercise book includes examples for reading/writing to the codec using the DMA peripheral. FAT libraries are included in the CCS C Compiler.

The character LCD included on the prototyping board provides a user interface for quick development.

Prototyping boards starting at only $70. Also available in development kit format or as a hardware only kit for compiler owners. In stock now!

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